Debt Collection

Our Firms is composed of lawyers who are highly skilled in negotiating the interests and claims of our clients. Our Debt Collection practice has achieved very good results owing to the recovery methods we employ. We approach each case as unique, thus we formulate an ethical and legal strategy, which is appropriate in each circumstances.

We settle claims amicably before bringing the matter before a judicial forum, which we believe should be the last recourse to avail.

For us no client or debt is too small or to big. We specialize in recovering both commercial and personal debts. Our services are highly tailored with the goal of avoiding commercial debts.

Considering the nature of the action involved our lawyers handle each case with high degree of sensitivity and utmost confidentiality.

We ensure protection of credit records, regular update our clients on the process of their claims, and see to it that things are all taken within the bounds of the law.

For a decade, our services have been sought by individuals as well as diverse group of business, national and multinational and internet ventures. We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of intellectual property law, corporate and business law as well as real estate and Conveyancing.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.